Golf Lessons in Windham NY

Golf lessons are available for any skill level.

Contact our golf professionals Eirik Leach or Dylan Thompson to schedule a lesson. Call 518 734-6990 or contact us online. 

Stop in our pro shop before a round to enjoy a cup of coffee, pick up some new balls or anything else you need for your round.

Golf Swing Examinations

There are a variety of exams available to suit players of all skill levels. Check the list below and see which would best suit your needs.

1 hour Examination – $80

Putting, Chipping, or Full Swing. A 1 hour exam is a good way to enhance one particular aspect of your game. To move from one aspect to another, a series of three exams is recommended.

Half Hour Check-up – $45

Putting, Chipping, or Full Swing. A half hour check-up will fine tune any certain part of your swing. Half hours work particularly well with juniors and beginners.

3 – 1 Hour Exams – $220

A Series of three 1 hour exams is the best way to overhaul your game. Either work on each part of your game for an hour, or completely dive into and revamp one aspect of your game.

3 – Half Hour Exams – $125

A Series of three exams. Can be very helpful for tune-ups on each part of your game, or gain small bits of information for practice from week to week.

Playing Lesson – TBD

On course examination. Junior or Adult. We can play from 1 hole to 18 holes for playing analysis. The Doctor will make recommendations on course management, club selection, shot selection, and other playing advise.

Junior 1 Hour Lesson – $50
Junior Half Hour Lesson – $30